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The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.

-Mother Teresa

What We Do

Organize for Serenity wants to help change your life by teaching you to understand the organizing strategies and methods that can free you from clutter and disorder and household chaos.

If you are overwhelmed with your situation and do not know where to start, we are here to help! Just think about the peace and serenity you will experience by making organization a priority. Are you ready to get organized? 


  • The Decision Has Been Made
  • The Action Plan
  • Sort It All Out

Perhaps you are an adult tasked with helping your parent(s) move out of the family home. Everyone in the family is in agreement…the house they grew up in must be emptied! Emotions run high and the feeling of overwhelming stress starts to hit most family members involved. It is tough to know how to start and even more difficult to actually start. We can help you put together a plan to get started right away. Read more…



  • Store My Stuff
  • Surviving the Chaos
  • Moving Back In

You have made the decision to remodel some or all your house. You hired an architect, a designer, a contractor, a plumber, painter and an electrician. Now you have to make it happen. Organize for Serenity will provide a bit of hope during this confusing and overwhelming process. Read More…



  • Deciding What to Keep
  • Planning Room Schemes
  • Creating a New Home Together

Merging households can be daunting and many decisions are required from everyone involved. When faced with what can become an overwhelming task, organizing requires you to think about what is most important to everyone. You have to think about what you really love and want – and make decisions based on that knowledge. When do we start and what plan do we have? What do we keep, what do we discard, and how do we organize what is left. The key is careful planning and we will help you with a plan to ACT (Assess, Commit,

Take Action). Read more…

Professional Partner Experience - Karen Chappelear, Organize for Serenity